In-House IT Versus Outsourced (Comparison)

You already have an in-house IT team that’s serving you well, perhaps not to the best of your expectations, but it is relatively effective. Deep down, you feel that they could have done more, and the question that keeps on plaguing you is, “Why should you Outsource IT support, yet you have one currently in place?”
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In-House IT Versus Outsourced IT Services

Using your staff guarantees product knowledge, stronger terminology awareness, and correct tone of documents, presumptively yielding a higher quality production. But at what price, and what is the opportunity cost from the forgone alternative?

In-House IT Versus Outsourced IT Services

The Cost Factor

Businesses thrive on minimizing input and maximizing output, the opposite of which results in incurring losses and a potential stalling of operations in extreme cases. The most significant deciding factor as to why firms go the Outsourced IT support way is because it is cheaper compared to the in-house alternative.

According to PayScale, one Network Support Technician is paid about $18.49 for every hour of service. This translates to an NMI of $50,000 per year minimum. Assuming you need 10-50 IT experts depending on the size of your organization, this cost may be a burden too heavy to bear.

Having an internal team puts the burden of training and capacity-building on the organization. Information technologies evolve, and new threats emerge. Firms with in-house teams have to facilitate vendor training for their staff to keep them at per with the latest cybersecurity techniques. Outsourcing automatically transfers this burden to the IT support provider.

Money may not be a problem, especially when your company prioritizes quality over the expense, as is the case with most IT projects. So, what does an Outsourced IT support team offer you that an in-house team cannot do?

Why Should You Outsource IT Support Instead Of Using In-house Staff?

1. Outsourcing Saves You Time and Money

Generally, the cost of outsourcing IT support is lower than running an in-house IT staff. Other related expenditures such as purchase and installation of hardware, institution and update of software, vendor training for the team, leave and holiday allowances, and repair of infrastructure are eliminated.

A lot of time usually goes into setting up and managing in-house IT staff. Outsourcing relieves administrators of this stress and frees them to concentrate on other aspects of the business.

2. You’ll Get Years of Experience and Latest Technology

IT is all about tricks and tips, outsourced IT support professionals have the advantage of interacting with several cybersecurity threats across the board, and the cumulated knowledge on how to avert and prevent them. It is the business of IT support firms to acquire the latest technologies and invest in the most modern systems, at the behest of safeguarding their reputations.

3. Your Systems Are Monitored 24/7 Days

An ordinary in-house IT team works during regular office times. This is against the backdrop that most malware attacks are orchestrated at odd hours. With an Outsourced support firm, you are guaranteed that your systems are monitored for any suspicious activities 24/7. Outsourcing ensures that the organization does not have to deal with downtimes, that is synonymous with when internal IT staff take leaves or retire for holidays.

4. You’re Guaranteed Compliance and Data Security

Lately, the Federal Trade Commission has been very keen on imposing hefty penalties on defaulters of compliance and data security regulations. You must have heard of the Equifax $575 Million Fine or the record-breaking $5 billion penalty imposed on Facebook for the infamous 2019 users’ data breach.

Most in-house IT teams are not in a position to competently handle compliance issues. When you Outsource IT support, it is the role of the support team to design and implement compliance frameworks; and to shoulder any responsibilities that come with non-compliance.

5. Your Productivity and Competitiveness

When your business has to part with more bucks to finance an in-house IT team, the cost of production soars and your outputs become more expensive. With the high cost of production burden trickling down to your consumers, your products become less competitive in the market; this is unhealthy for business.

Outsourcing IT support integrates and simplifies most operations and cuts down on cost, boosting the production of cheaper products that give your firm a competitive edge in the market.

Evidently, outsourcing IT solutions has more perks than relying on an internal team. There is also an emerging trend of partnering with IT service providers to co-manage your IT systems jointly with your in house staff.

Whether you decide to go to the Co-management or Complete outsource management way, here are five critical questions you should ask before making up your mind:

  1. Can you comfortably afford running an internal IT team?
  2. Does the outsourced IT solutions company provide a Service-Level Agreement (SLA), and how flexible is it?
  3. What competitive edge does the outsourced IT management bring to your enterprise?
  4. Does the IT support company have a proven track record, and who are its current or previous customers?
  5. What does the opportunity cost? What value do you forgo with an in-house or outsource unit?

Do You Want To Leverage Outsourced IT Support To Enhance Your Organizations Productivity?

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