Determine the Expertise of Your In-House IT Team (And Improve it)

No matter the size of your organization, you will require outsourced IT support at one point. Even with a functional internal IT team, it is simply par for the course to augment with an external IT vendor.
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Does Your Current In-House IT Team Have the Expertise?

The long-standing dilemma has been on whether to use internal staff or to completely outsource IT management. A new trend of having an in-house IT team backed up with an outsourced firm to co-manage your systems has since emerged.

The Expertise of Your In-House IT Team

In-House IT Support vs. Outsourced IT

Both options have an almost equal share of pros and cons. While outsourcing comes with the benefit of experienced professionals, they may not match up to how well an in-house staff understands the business structure and coalesces with its systems and policies.

Partnering with outsourced IT experts grants you the capacity to:

  • Engage the services of professionals for impermanent programs within a specified period.
  • Hire experienced experts with a vast knowledge of handling IT systems.
  • Save on cost for IT projects while maximizing value for the business.

To optimize the benefits of outsourcing IT support, you have to consider some very critical aspects:

  • Comprehensively assess the prospective IT support providers for skilled professionals and broad experience in IT Solutions.
  • Get the best value for your money. If caution is not taken, especially when formulating SLAs, outsourcing can end up being more expensive.

The Expertise of Your Current In-House IT Team

Any competent TCO will tell you that for a successful IT project, the practical skill set of your staff counts more than your technological investments. You need an adept team to design and implement IT projects. Proficiency comes with learning and firsthand encounters with solving cybersecurity issues.

Does your in-house IT staff have the requisite certification to handle your systems? Can you trust them to handle threats from the infamous Anonymous, Legion of Doom, or Lizard Squad of this generation? If not, are you willing to risk your company’s crucial data? Most definitely not, you can leverage on backing up your in-house IT unit with a reliable outsourced Managed IT service provider.

How Do You Get The Best of Both Worlds?

Your business is growing, and your IT needs are changing. Is your enterprise running a specific large-scale periodic business project? Do you need to handle increasing traffic flow during peak seasons? Whatever the reason that catapults you to outsource IT support, the best option is always to adopt the hybrid model that capitalizes on both outsource and in house amenities.

As technology changes, customer expectations change along with it. With a growing organization, you need more resources to keep some applications and data on-premises for more security and control, while shifting others to an outsourced support firm to take advantage of convenience and predictable costs.

Even though technology changes fast, business challenges remain almost the same. They still have limited resources and time to explore their options, deploy solutions, and keep everything up and running.

To embrace a hybrid model and all the benefits it brings with it, organizations must consider the following factors:

  1. Find a trusted partner offering high value, IT co-management services, and proactive support with predictable service costs, as opposed to break-fix contracts.
  2. Define the services to outsource and those to manage internally upfront. It always works better Outsourcing less critical functions and managing “mission-critical efforts” with the in-house staff. Other large-scale and time-consuming services like cybersecurity are better handled by the outsourced service provider.
  3. For how long are you going to engage outsource backup to your internal team, and at what cost? If it is a long-term project, ensure it does not cost more than an in-house or complete outsourced management would.
  4. What can the outsourced IT support firm do to your enterprise that an in-house team cannot?

Who Needs External Backup For An In-House IT Team?

Sub-contracting IT management is not a reserve of larger companies, as is often thought. SMEs can outsource IT backup because they do not have the financial muscles to acquire the latest technologies in the market or to pay wages for additional full-time employees. Outsourcing allows them to hire or disengage professionals depending on the changing dynamics of their business needs.

Medium-sized firms usually outsource external backup to save on fixed costs and channel more finances to variable costs for growth and scalability. As for large firms, Outsourcing IT backup typically serves to handle intricate and time-consuming functions and to meet IT demands that come with the expansion of the business.

What Are The Benefits Of Having An Outsourced IT Company Backup Your In-House Team?

  • The company enjoys the advantage of professionals who understand its structures and are experienced in IT Solutions. Your in-house team combines their in-depth knowledge of your firm with the top-tier expertise of outsourced professionals to steer successful IT projects.
  • It saves on cost. Your company has access to the latest technologies from the outsource team without having to spend on purchasing, installing, and maintaining them. Salaries and wages that would have gone to a full-time internal staff are also cut down.
  • Improved Customer Help Desk Service. While your staff attends to the customers by day, you will need to outsource support to serve them by night when employees are out of office. The backup also complements to address surging demands during peak seasons.

Ready to Back Up Your In-house IT Team With Outsourced IT Support?

Fortunly projects that the global IT Outsourcing market is expected to grow by $98 billion during 2020-2024, rising at a “CAGR of 5%.”

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