Managed Services

ChaceTech’s managed services offerings can take the burden of managing IT off your plate and put it onto ours so that you can focus on growing your business. We take pride in making sure your systems are up and running at all times.  Our proactive approach to monitoring and support is second to none, and with varying levels of support you’re sure to get exactly what you need!

Networking Services

Contact us today to start that discussion so we can help you to better your systems and improve your efficiency!  Most of the time we determine ways to save you money and at the same time improve your systems performance and reliability.  Take the first step and contact us TODAY for an appointment by clicking the contact button below!

Business Continuity Services

Do you have a plan to help you continue critical operations during a disaster?  What would happen if your office and its technology became inoperable due to a disaster?  With our vast knowledge of Business Continuity Planning we can help you develop and maintain a living document with multiple recovery scenarios.

Server Implementation and Support

Are you’r servers running as efficiently as possible?  Are they secure?  Most are not and could likely use a tuneup or placement all together.  ChaceTech has the knowledge and experience to ensure a smooth transition with as little pain as possible.  Most of the time system performance is due to a poorly engineered system.  Contact us by clicking below to get your FREE assessment set up!

Desktop Support

Our desktop support is second to none!  ChaceTech provides full support for your hardware and software.  Desktop support is fast, secure, non-invasive, seamless and simple!  Contact ChaceTech TODAY to have an over the phone or onsite discussion on ways we can support your environment!

Phone Systems Support

The phone system is the heart of how many businesses communicate with today.  Today’s age of IP-based phone systems your options have grown and the capabilities of these systems can help to maximize your business’s productivity and eliminate faulty communication.  Contact ChaceTech TODAY to better understand what products/services we offer to improve your efficiency and profitability!

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System Security

Your systems efficiency heavily depends on proper protection.  Many believe that simply having a virus scanner takes care of securing your systems.  The sad reality is that this general belief is false.  Contact ChaceTech today to discuss how we can create a secure environment for your business!

Physical Security

Do you have a card that you swipe to to get into your building or parking garage?  Are you interested in expanding that capability to your leased space?  ChaceTech offers installation services of physical access control systems that will work with your existing card!  Contact us TODAY to learn more!

Copier and Printer Support

ChaceTech also provides in depth workflow assessments that focuses on your business copier and desktop printer fleet, as well as how you can make improvements to managing documents.  Improve technology and service, reduce expenses and increase your productivity by allowing ChaceTech to make recommendations that will give your staff the tools they need TODAY!

We Practice Honesty

Your not going to get some hairbrained story out of us.  If we are privileged to assess your system, were not going to upsell you on things you don’t need.  We believe that in gaining your trust, you’ll continue to use our services.  Contact us today by clicking the link below to start a discussion of how we may be able to help!

We have fun!

Why does everyone think that being in the business world requires you to be a stick in the mud?  We LOVE what we do and as a result, our work is fun!  As a result of our enjoying our work, you’ll see a quality that can hold its own amongst the best!

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