Using Co-Managed IT to Help Your In-House IT

Have you found yourself in a position where you intend to expand your business but are unable due to limited technology and lack of experience and skill? This is the scenario that most businesses find themselves in, and the solution comes with the realization that your in house IT team might need some help.
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Using Co-Managed IT Service to Backup Your In-House IT Team

As companies expand, so do their technology needs. With technology advancing every day, businesses are struggling to keep up with these changes and adopt them in their operations. In such cases, businesses would typically consult managed service providers (MSPs).

However, most MSPs present an all-or-nothing approach. They only sign-up with companies that plan to outsource their entire IT operations. Recently, there has been a rise in businesses that only want to complement their established IT departments and not outsource IT services completely. This demand has led to the development of co-managed IT services.

Co-Managed IT Helping Your In-House Houston IT

What Is a Co-Managed IT Service?

A co-managed IT service is an IT system that enables a company to delegate its IT functions partially to a third-party organization. The business combines its in-house IT department and an external IT consultant to bring up IT solutions that will improve efficiency. It is instrumental for the company to have an internal team that understands its market, goals, and strategies. In contrast, external experts offer technology, expertise, and experience. They also provide an outside view of the business.

What Are the Benefits of Using Co-Managed IT Services?

Technology has enabled small businesses to compete with more extensive corporations. By using various tools, companies have increased their exposure, increased profit margins, and lowered costs. However, without sufficient IT support, most companies have been unable to take advantage of the available technology.

The following are the main benefits of using co-managed IT services:

1. Your Business Will Have Access to a New Workforce With Years of Experience and Expertise

With business technology and strategy changing often, businesses are often faced with the challenge of integrating and implementing new IT programs and systems. Many companies operate with a small internal IT team that has a limited set of skills and experience. These IT teams are, therefore, unable to accomplish specific tasks.

A co-managed IT services provider will offer years of experience and a broad range of expertise to your businesses. They will also provide an extra workforce to your in-house team and supplement their efforts. Their experience with previous clients in the same industry will also come in handy in designing solutions for your company.

2. Your Workload Is Greatly Reduced

Business expansion and special projects exert a lot of pressure on IT departments, making them often feel overwhelmed. In such cases, a business would opt to hire more staff. However, this is a costly affair that most companies cannot afford, and it may be unnecessary in the long run.

Co-managed IT services give you the option of bringing in only the resources the business needs when it needs them. Your company may delegate specific tasks such as data security and cloud maintenance to the external IT team. In contrast, the in-house team may be tasked with day-to-day duties. The delegation of tasks will help release the pressure off your internal team.

3. You Can Focus on the Core of Your Business

With the added workforce and decreased workload, your employees can focus on more complex and pressing IT-related issues.

4. It Is a Cost-Efficient Way of Acquiring it Services

Having a fully staffed IT department and paying their salaries and benefits is a costly affair that most companies cannot afford due to budgetary restrictions. Co-managed IT services offer budget-friendly packages often in the form of a fixed monthly fee. A company is, therefore, able to strictly procure services it can afford.

5. Your Data Will Be Moved to the Cloud

The business environment is becoming remotely-run, and the demand to have data on the move is continually increasing. Co-managed IT service providers will move your data to the cloud. They will also update and maintain the platform for the company.

This way, employees, partners, shareholders, and the general public can have access to company data anywhere, anytime. Moving to the cloud also lowers the cost of owning and maintaining physical IT infrastructure.

6. The Security of Your Data Is Guaranteed

Cyber-attacks are increasingly on the rise. According to Cybint Solutions, across all small and medium businesses in the world, the average cost of a data breach is 3.9 million US dollars. Moving to the cloud is one way of securing your data; however, it also presents a lot of risks.

Consulting a verified and reliable IT service is essential for any company looking to improve its data security. An IT service performs frequent and comprehensive tests on the company’s systems to identify vulnerabilities and counter malware attacks before they occur.

Some co-managed IT services also partner with insurance firms to provide cyber-security insurance to their clients. This insurance policy helps protect the business when a data breach occurs.

7. The Productivity and Efficiency of Your Business Is Enhanced

A co-managed IT service provides a 24/7 IT support system for your business. They also offer a highly responsive helpline desk in the case of disruptions in the company’s operations. The co-managed IT service is in charge of facilitating software upgrades, improving security, and system maintenance. As a result, they ensure that your programs are running smoothly and efficiently.

Does Your In House IT Staff Need A Little Extra Help?

For businesses looking to make technology work for them, consulting a co-managed IT service that is certified and professional is crucial. With years of experience and expertise, ChaceTech offers a variety of IT solutions to businesses in Houston.

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