Networking Services in Houston

Keeping your company connected with customers, vendors, suppliers and partners. Networking Services in Houston by ChaceTech.
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Business Networking Services in Houston

Connections and networking are at the heart of your business. It depends on keeping your company connected with customers, vendors, suppliers, and partners. Your business needs networks to keep employees connected and data and applications accessible. That’s why networking services in Houston require a dedicated, reliable technology solution.

At ChaceTech, we offer comprehensive networking services for your business, from wireless technologies to infrastructure, support to security.

Networking Services In Houston

What Is Networking Services?

Networking services establish and support wireless connectivity. For many businesses, a private network is sufficient to allow employees access to shared files, email, and the internet. Others, especially publicly facing companies, need multiple networks for guests, visitors, or different areas of the organization. These networks need to be protected and bounded to ensure only those needing access can do so.

Networks need to be mapped, designed, and built to ensure full access and fast speeds in the right areas. Slow or broken networks lead to frustration and a loss of credibility. Poorly functioning networks drag down productivity and can lead to lost business opportunities.

ChaceTech has expertise in building multiple types of business wireless and wired networks. We work closely with your staff to identify your business needs and create a solution custom-designed to meet your business goals. Our network design process includes:

  • An initial assessment of your network needs, computing strength, bandwidth, and power requirements, and data security requirements
  • Hardware and software identification
  • Installation and configuration of all network components, including servers, cabling, and data center build
  • Router setup and configuration
  • Network and server administration
  • VPN solutions
  • Testing all system components
  • Ongoing network monitoring and alerts for unwanted traffic
  • Reporting on performance and security
  • Ongoing remote help-desk support

We work with Houston businesses of all sizes and in multiple industries. We can support your network needs for one location or multiple sites.

Why Outsource Your Services?

Managed networking services save your business time and money. Here are the benefits of outsourcing your networking services:

  • Top-Tier, Affordable Technology. Our networking solutions include the most modern equipment, provided for a predictable, affordable monthly rate
  • Staff Savings. With a managed networking services solution, you free up your internal team from the necessary maintenance and management expenses
  • Robust Security. Your networks are the gateway for hackers and other cybercriminals. Protect your network with advanced firewalls that monitor for suspicious activity. Our security tools contain and neutralize threats before they can do much damage to your systems
  • Space Reduction. Many existing networks are inefficient. They are redesigned or expanded to meet pressing business needs. A fresh look at your network means optimizing the space used for equipment, cabling, and servers
  • Scalability. As your business grows, so too will your network needs. With a well-configured network, you can easily add users and resources quickly and efficiently
  • Better Performance. With a properly created network, you’ll see improved performance and upload and download speeds. Better performance means more productive employees and more satisfied customers

ChaceTech is the choice for networking solutions for companies of all sizes and types. Learn more about our networking services by contacting us today.

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