Fast Network Speeds And Why It’s Important To Have Them.

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Think of the last time you used the internet. Chances are it was probably on your smart phone using your mobile data. Pretty fast right? Now think of the last time you had to use the internet at work… Not so quick, huh? Having a fast connection to the internet, is a growing need in this day and age, companies are speeding up, computers are becoming outdated and technology, by the year, is becoming more and more integrated in to the work place. The point is, you and your company need a good, solid, and quick internet connection. Here are a few reasons why


You know that one client you really want to impress? You’ve been trying to set up an appointment with them for a while, but you just can’t seem to get a firm date down. Well, you could just video chat them!! Well you actually can’t because your internet connection is too slow to support one! The upload speed of an average Wi-Fi router is 2.7 Mbps. (megabits per second) To have a successful google hangouts call, you must have an upload speed of 3.2 Mbps! A higher speed is required for gaining new business, and growing your business in to different regions of your state, or the country.


It’s a Thursday at 3:30, at this point everyone is just trying to get through the day, so they can get to Friday, so they can get to the weekend. All of your employees are steadily working and… the network crashes. This could be because your network is just not updated to the current firmware, or it could be that the current technology is just to ahead of your current Wi-Fi router, which is normal, most of the time a WI-FI router is, sort of an afterthought to a set of new computers, new monitors, a new phone system, when really it should be something that you upgrade first!!


Everyone’s heard the expression, time is money. And as a business owner/boss, you know this expression better than anyone in your company. So why would you waste precious time on downloads that are taking hours, when with a better bandwidth, those same downloads could be taking minutes?


Technology requirements are becoming more and more demanding, and the simple fact is, if your network connection is outdated, your company, and the way you do business will follow suit.

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