Your Houston IT Company Requires a Security Operations Center

Growing cybersecurity concerns make a security operations center highly valuable to any business. Contact ChaceTech. Top IT company in Houston.
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Your Houston IT Company Requires a Security Operations Center

The technology world experiences continuous changes that introduce new challenges, especially on the security front. The tech community is currently grappling with cybersecurity as everyone tries to find lasting solutions to this growing menace. Small businesses are incredibly prone to cyberattacks and need to create awareness in their teams to mitigate these attacks. A Security Operations Center Analyst, SOC Analyst, has now become a must-have for many service providers.

SOC Analysts offer critical security support that can help small business owners safeguard their systems. From watching for network anomalies to monitoring systems for malware or spyware, these analysts are your best bet against rogue cybercriminals.

Why do you need the SOC Analyst Model?

From 2018 to 2019, malware and spyware-related costs rose from $8 billion to $11.5 billion. Industry experts anticipate that these costs will skyrocket to $20 billion at the end of 2021. SOC Analyst skills are essential for any business looking to achieve cybersecurity success, considering these increasing numbers.
Finding the right person with the proper skills and certifications to bolster your security operations center becomes the next real challenge. How do you settle for the perfect security operations center analyst for your business? Which skills should you look out for? Are there any overrated skills? Read on to find out more.

What is the Most Essential Skill in a Security Operations Center Analyst?

SOC analysts typically work hands-on to appreciate their organization networks and secure their systems from attacks. Depending on their experience, the analysts can work within one of three levels of the SOC. Regardless of these levels, SOC analysts need to master fundamental skills to safeguard their organization. Top of that list is networking.

Security operation center analysts need to understand diverse network protocols like TCP/IP and the OSI network model. A suitable candidate needs to know how network device logs integrate and how they impact overall analysis. Knowledge of existing network protocols, destination IP addresses, and networking information enhances their ability to trace an attack’s origin.

Efficient incident response and handling determine how well an organization can resolve cyberattacks. SOC analysts need to understand the best practices involved in securing an organization’s digital assets. With these skills, they can appreciate the big picture of a cyberattack and work speedily to mitigate these attacks. They’ll also need to document recurring attacks and work with the rest of the IT team to prevent them from recurring.

What’s the Most Overrated SOC Skill?

Cybersecurity experts agree that there isn’t a single overrated skill when settling for a suitable SOC analyst. When hiring an analyst, it is prudent to find someone with as many skills as possible. With more skills, your analyst can seamlessly handle the numerous cybersecurity moving parts. SOC analysts require diversified skills to remain on top of any security incidents – from network defense and incident response, to ethical hacking and computer forensics.

Is Security Operations Center Certification Valuable?

On-the-job experiences within IT are precious for SOC analysts. These experiences should, however, not overshadow SOC certifications, which are equally important. Certification indicates a potential employee’s knowledge base and training. Most of these certifications provide practical and relevant curricula aligned with real-world tasks to extend to their work environment. Analysts who’ve attended robust boot camps and training programs can handle security attacks better and keep your networks secure 24/7.

Safeguard Your Networks with Efficient Security Support

At ChaceTech, we work with our clients to restrain data infections and leaks. Our security solutions can help you step up your fight against cybersecurity. Houston’s businesses can count on us for robust security support that can help you minimize security incidents and damning threats. Do you need help scaling up your Security Operations Center? Contact us now to get expert support.

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