Before You Move Your Houston Office Use This IT Related Checklist

Before You Move Your Houston Office Use This IT Related Checklist

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Houston is growing FAST! Below are some actionable items to prepare for moving your office IT and equipment.
Moving to pre-existing buildings, opening new branches, or starting up in a newly constructed space is exciting. With this guide we can help you overcome the unique set of challenges you may not have considered. We’ve all seen the squirrels nest of cables tucked up under those ceiling tiles! Which wiring system did they belong to? The original networks? Are these compatible wires or something Alexander Graham Bell’s subsidiary companies put in decades ago? It’s probably a mix of all of the above with a little asbestos dust thrown in for good measure.

Here is a check – list of tips our clients have found helpful in the past. It’s a “moving checklist” you can use. Did we leave something off the list? Let us know!

Plan In Advance

SCHEDULE a site visit with your IT company as soon as you have a property in mind or sign an agreement. This will help them gauge cabling requirements and other site-specific concerns. The more they know on the front end, the better.

CONTACT your phone/internet providers at least two months in advance to coordinate the transition. The last thing you want is delayed service when you are ready to open your doors.

COORDINATE with your copier equipment provider. Most equipment agreements carry warranty restrictions that prevent you from moving copier machines yourself. Voiding warranties is …not good, not good at all! While we are on the topic of equipment…

Evaluate Your Current Equipment

UPGRADING out of date technology is never convenient, but neither is moving. So why not take this opportunity to address tech needs while in transition that way systems aren’t set up to operate with equipment that will be replaced six months later?

INCREASE system performance with newer hardware. Up to date gear allows you to get up and running faster and more efficiently.

Assess Your Communications Requirements

DISCUSS your phone system with your IT firm to determine if a cloud-based phone system is a good fit for your communication needs. Do you encounter problems with your current system? Based on your usage and package, you might be able to save up to 50% on your current phone system and service costs. It is certainly worth a look and brief discussion with your IT team.

Protecting Your Intellectual Property

ALERT your team/employees. Although it shouldn’t need to be mentioned, we recognize that there are so many moving parts to the transition phase that we often forget to backup critical systems prior to a big move. AND … part two… we forget to test those backups! Data/information loss is easily avoidable, but often not at the top of our list of priorities.

Prepare For Move Day

TRANSPORT copies of your data to the new location in a separate vehicle than the one moving your systems/equipment.

VERIFY network cabling is labeled on both ends and that they’ve been certified.

COMPOSE a list of all critical personnel related to the move. Have those numbers on hand in case something goes wrong.

CREATE a system shut-down document and communicate how to safely shut-down all systems.

DRAFT and DISTRIBUTE a startup procedure document for the new systems.

Bring New Systems Online

CONNECT all systems.

REVIEW and EXECUTE previously determined start-up procedure.

VERIFY that all systems are working properly and rejoice that all your diligent work made for a smooth transition. Receive the praise of your colleagues with humility and a witty, self-deprecating charm. You did it!