Nobody Starts A Business to Worry About Their IT Network.

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3 Things to ask before you choose an IT company

Small businesses even with ten or more computers should expect their IT to function without the headache that so often accompanies complex technologies. You have bigger things to worry about after all — new clients, managing existing accounts, and gaining more market share. We get it and we agree. We hope you’ll find these tips, these three things, that can make life less of a headache:

Ask about the network setup

Most problems are solved or created at install. Setting up networks properly is the most critical aspect of IT management. Everyday, from Katy to Lake Jackson, poorly installed networks come on line minute by minute. IP conflicts? Check. Underpowered modems? Check. Compatibility issues? Check. All of these eventual headaches (and many others) could easily be avoided at installation.

Ask around about a company’s response time.

Sitting around tapping your fingers on a desk because your system is paralyzed is costly on many levels. A tech emergency in your office should absolutely set off fire alarms in the office of whomever manages your company’s IT.

Ask about proactive adware/virus monitoring.

You’ve probably been reading about spyware/ransomware security breaches growing more sophisticated and frequent everyday. It should keep your IT team up at night. You are going to need critical updates before a costly problems surfaces. It is critical that you stay on top of security measures to keep your system as secure as possible.

It’s true:

you didn’t get into your business to worry about IT. Even so, from time to time, we are forced to think about it. Such is life in 21st century. We all really just want one thing: we want our IT systems to function so well that it barely surfaces in our workflow. Our software must work with the hardware; our internet must run fast without failing; our networks must function without hiccups. We want all of this to happen the way we expect the lights to come on when we open the office in the morning. If it were only so easy as flipping a toggle switch on the wall! We’ve come a long way, but that toggle switch might still be a ways off. Let us know what your biggest IT headache is and we can tell you the best way to solve it.

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