Penetration Testing

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Penetration testing (aka “pen testing”) is a simulated attack on your own computer [system] that helps you find any weaknesses or flaws in security. Preforming a penetration test is very important, so you can fix any issues as quickly as possible. If you don’t address your security flaws, a skilled hacker could find the flaws and take information directly from your system.


Although you could perform your own tests, if you don’t know what you are doing, you may not be able to find all the flaws you’re looking for. We recommend you hire a professional. There are many “White hat hackers” (Good guy hackers) that can be hired to perform a pen test for you. These hackers will do everything a “Black hat hacker” (bad guy hackers) would do, and identify any flaws they find in your system. They perform a wide variety of tests, such as how predictable your passwords are, how educated your staff is, how many vulnerabilities your system has, how well your system can defend against attacks, how good your staff’s data disposal protocol is, and many other security tests.

In Closing

Your Data is important. If your system is insecure, you’re practically giving away your data, because a hacker can easily bypass a flawed security system. All companies are vulnerable to attacks, but smaller companies seem to be targeted more, because their IT security is usually weak and easily bypassed. If you haven’t invested any time in a good security system for your company, we strongly recommend that you go find a good system, and then conduct a pen test on it immediately!

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