Should I be replacing or upgrading my IT technology now?

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Just the Facts: Technology Upgrading & Replacement

Technology cost can be the most dreaded line-item on a small company’s budget forecast. Good equipment is an expensive investment, but the best equipment can also help power a company on to new heights. High functioning equipment is a non-negotiable in 2016.


We all know machines slow down over time or simply become obsolete. In fact, the “industry standard” (or suggested rule of thumb) in IT replacement — is a mere three years. Three years isn’t very long and those are costly improvements — and of course, there is more to consider than just the enormous smiles a new piece of tech brings to your office staff!

Thinking Ahead

Keep in mind that preventative maintenance on existing equipment can stretch the lifespan of your equipment — you might be able to get four or five years out of your hardware. Storage alternatives and critical update patches, better filters — trained IT specialists will know how to push your existing equipment as far as they safely can. Of course, there is a point where it just doesn’t make sense to keep it around.

Be aware:

Two factors speed up the need for tech upgrades — data growth and the corresponding need for more computing power. Once certain thresholds are crossed, responsible IT staff should be making recommendations to upgrade equipment. If you are growing and putting new strains on your equipment, then you might shift your thinking a bit and realize the need for newer tech is actually a reflection of your success!

Changing Landscapes

The tech is changing and developers know that innovation drives their marketplace. Your IT specialists should be equally informed on the latest leaps forward — the improvements we’ve seen over the last five years are remarkable — and making well-timed changes can absolutely give your company a competitive edge.

Closing Thoughts

Let us know if you have a piece of hardware or software that you think might need to be replaced and we can determine the best plan based on your needs.

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