Control4: A Homeowners Dream Come True

When the Days Are Long and Hectic, Smart Home Automation Puts YOU Back in Control

  • Forgot to turn the lights off or lock the door when you left in a rush? No problem, it’s one button away.
  • Need to keep an eye on the house because you’re going away for a business or personal trip? Not a worry, your feed is right on your mobile device.
  • Hosting a gathering with a few great friends? Perfect, you can keep things lively as you handle climate control, lights, and music in an instant.

Whether you have a small chalet on the lake, an old colonial home that’s decades old or a brand new construction, Control4 can help you automate your home, and in turn, take care of the little things – no matter your budget.

But wait… Before you try to DIY a smart home, remember, every product you add introduces a bit more complexity. You want your smart products to interact with or listen to one another seamlessly.

CHACETECH Takes the Complexity Out of Automating Your Home…

ChaceTech will help you set up and create the smarthome of your dreams as we ensure everything functions the way you need it to. Our team will:

  • Help you get the best price on the smart home products available
  • Design your system to make sure everything is configured properly
  • Keep everything functioning on a robust network that keeps hackers out
  • Personalize all of the features and experiences to work with the way you live