Are You Thinking of Switching IT Companies?

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Are You Thinking of Switching IT Companies?

Does your current IT support leave you dissatisfied and worried? Many businesses will tolerate the lackluster service because they think switching IT companies is a drawn-out process. However, the process does not have to be daunting, and you can save money, time, and unnecessary setbacks.

Various factors signal it’s time to switch IT companies. They include:

  • The current provider does not fully understand your business sector.
  • They do not send updates about cybersecurity, backups, and more.
  • The response period for your ticket is within hours or days.
  • There are hidden fees or extra charges on your invoice.
  • You have outgrown your current service provider.

A competent technology partner brings a lot of positive difference to your business. Thus, if you can identify with any of the factors above, you should switch IT companies.

So, what problems could you face when switching IT companies? What are the signs of a good IT company? How do I change IT companies? At ChaceTech, we have leveraged our expertise to answer these questions. We also want to help clients make an informed decision and have a smooth transition switching IT companies.

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Challenges of an Unreliable Plan for Switching IT Companies

Switching IT companies has some potential challenges you need to watch. Your new IT company needs to understand the risks involved fully. If you do not switch to a reliable company, you may encounter the following challenges:

  • Missing information: There is a chance that you may lose data in the switching process. It may be as a result of sabotage from your previous company, security breach, or substantial loss. Such losses affect your operations and reputation.
  • Unidentified backdoors: Your IT company usually has a backdoor to your company’s system. The outgoing company will have such access, and you need to close it before you move on.
  • Service gaps: The switching process may disrupt some of your organization’s operations. Service gaps occur as you try to adapt to the new system or provider. Adequate preparation is necessary to avoid service gaps.

What You Should Look Out For When Choosing a Reliable IT Support Company?

The following characteristics of an IT company will ensure you make a positive change in the switch.

  • The IT Service Provider Is Serious About Cybersecurity: The main reason companies switch IT companies is cybersecurity threats that occur through data breaches. Research by the International Data Corporation shows that 55% of global customers change due to data breaches. Moreover, 78% say they would switch IT companies if a data breach occurs.
  • The Company Offers Reliable Support: An IT company offers constant support if they have open communication channels, adequate expert staff, and quickly address your concerns.
  • The IT Support Company Provides a Disaster Preparedness Plan: A reliable company understands that it cannot mitigate every risk. However, they do give a disaster preparedness plan for the clients. The method includes measures to prevent as many chances as they can, and contingencies to avoid significant losses or downtimes.
  • It Is Keen on the Contractual Details: There are IT companies that form purely transactional relationships instead of partnerships. They may not offer something that is not present in the contract, but they should assist with the issues as much as they can.
  • The Firm Has a Viable Development Projection: As your business grows, there is potential for expansion. Thus, a reliable IT company will have a similar vision and will have the capability to meet your business needs as it grows.
  • It Delivers Tangible Results: reliable IT support provides a measurable return on investment (ROI). They should rely on continual improvement standards like ISO 27001, to guide their services.

Are You Thinking of Switching IT Companies_

Five Steps for Switching IT Companies

The following steps ensure a smooth transition between IT companies:

  • Wait until the deal with the new firm is ready before you cancel the services of the outgoing IT company. You will be able to avoid service gaps with these steps, and your operations will run smoothly.
  • Get administrator access to all your system’s accounts, applications, and data. The access should entail all login details and passwords. The outgoing firm may resist providing these, but you should be firm.
  • Assess your system infrastructure to check for back doors. Ensure you close all backdoors to the system.
  • Cancel the deal with the outgoing company once the services with the new one are operational.
  • Inform your entire staff of the changes. If they affect your customers in any way, you should also notify them.

What Should You Expect From the Process of Switching IT Firms?

Switching IT firms do not have to be stressful or time-consuming. With the help of a reliable IT company, you can expect the following from the process:

  • Installation of a Transition Agent: All your devices will get the transition agent to scan and gather the necessary information for the switch.
  • Work With the Outgoing IT Company: You will need them to gather any information the transition agent does not obtain.
  • Hardware Replacements: In some cases, you may need to replace hardware that belongs to the outgoing IT company.
  • Be in the Loop: A reliable incoming IT company will inform you and update you on the transition process and specifics.

ChaceTech LLC can be your reliable incoming IT service provider. We will leverage our expertise and technology resources to facilitate a smooth transition and a partnership relationship with you. We will restrict access to the outgoing company to ensure the safety of your information. Moreover, we will help you resolve any issues with the outgoing company to avoid bad feelings or hostility.

Contact us now to raise any questions and make arrangements on the switching process.

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