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Managed IT Services In Galveston TX Provided By ChaceTech

With more compact and sophisticated technology forming an integral part of modern business, organizations integrate a variety of computing and communications devices. At the same time, they are downsizing in-house computer departments in favor of Managed IT Services in Galveston, TX. MarketsandMarkets claims that the market for managed services will hit $282 billion by 2023.

Managed IT Services In Galveston

Why Should Your Organization Use Managed IT Services?

When it comes to managing your business technology assets, you could build an expensive team of in-house IT experts, or you could outsource the management of your technology to a managed services provider (MSP) at a low monthly subscription fee.

Managed IT solutions providers are available to take a load off your shoulders if your company has grown to a point where your systems’ support and maintenance are too complicated and expensive for your team to handle.

What Solutions Do Providers Of Managed IT Services In Galveston, TX Offer?

A managed IT solutions company generally provides an extensive range of technology services, dependent on the level of support that your business requires. For a low monthly fee, a quality managed IT services firm offers:

Networking Infrastructure Support

MSPs provide various support options that help your company handle Local Area Networks (LANs), Wide Area Networks (WANs), servers, and other technology infrastructure. Depending on the support package you subscribe to, you can expect one or more of the services below:

  • Setup of on-site infrastructure: The firm’s experts will help your on-site IT staff install the software and hardware you need.
  • Mobile networking: If you require your team to work using wireless devices from remote locations.
  • Managed cloud infrastructure: Cloud services make it possible for colleagues and clients to communicate and collaborate on their projects.
  • Remote managed printing services: Authorized company personnel can print documents to the company network from remote locations.
  • Managed storage and data backup: Cloud-based data storage and backup ensure your staff can update their assignments and upload files over the internet to your corporate network. Remote backups give you the peace of mind that only a managed business continuity plan can provide.

The different levels of network and infrastructure management provided by a managed IT service mean that you can leave the technical aspects of managing your technology in the hands of skilled professionals so your staff can focus on your core business.

Cybersecurity Management

A study predicts that, by 2021, cybercrime acts will cost businesses trillion every year. A managed IT solutions provider will offer a range of computer security and risk management services by providing cybersecurity management, including:

  • Installation and management of anti-malware software: The firm’s technical experts will install antivirus, firewalls, and spam protection.
  • Patching and maintenance of mission-critical software: Keep up with the newest software and security updates to ensure there is no unauthorized access or virus infections of your system.
  • Ensuring application compatibility: The MSP’s team makes sure that all software and hardware components of your corporate network are integrated and compatible with each other.

Support for Telephony Systems

Managed IT provides your organization with support for cloud-based business telephone solutions as part of an overall communications package:

  • Voice: Managed VoIP systems reside on the cloud and let your team make clear and affordable local or long-distance calls. Voice telephony solutions enable colleagues to communicate in one-on-one or multi-party conversations.
  • Video: Support for cloud-based videoconferencing makes sure that your staff can attend meetings virtually from any location with an internet connection.

Managed IT Support for your communications lets your company stay connected and in sync to ensure that your teams work as efficiently as possible.

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

A managed services provider can provide a variety of software applications for communication and collaboration. The service could be available on a monthly or yearly subscription basis.

SaaS may take the form of a program developed and maintained by the service provider, or a third-party suite of applications that the managed IT provider supports. You can be sure of the software’s security, as the provider will automatically install all updates and patches as soon as they are available.

When you take advantage of SaaS services, you are secure in the knowledge that your team has fully functional access to the latest software applications on any authorized devices they choose

Data Analytics and Strategy

Most computer-generated data can be extremely confusing to navigate, mainly if your company is not directly involved in the technology sector.

With networking, communication, and data processing technology becoming more complex, a managed IT services provider can relieve you of data analysis burden. Managed data analytics takes the form of Virtual CIO or Fractional CTO services, and can involve different layers of examination, planning, trend analysis, and strategic consulting. Your consultants ensure that you better understand your technical shortcomings and the potential to plan for the future of your growing business.

Desktop Support Services

For most companies, the desktop PC is their primary business tool. PCs offer your team the processing power, user experience, and local storage required to perform their jobs.

However, they also present a significant maintenance burden for IT departments. Supporting end-users, updating software, patching, and managing PCs is resource-intensive, leaving in-house IT personnel with little time to work on strategic business initiatives.

Managed desktop support will ensure maximum performance, reliability, and security of your company’s desktop PCs, and free your IT team to serve your clients. Managed PC support involves monitoring alarms for security events and performing proactive maintenance.

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