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Do Small Business In Owners Spring TX Really Need IT Support?

Small business owners have a lot on their plate. They deal with client demands, human resource concerns, and inventory upkeep—and that is just a typical Tuesday. While keeping up with day-to-day obligations is important, small business owners need to think about the long-term care and sustainability of their company, too.

Your long-term goals for your business might encompass revenue quotas or growth measurements. Still, your long-term goals should also address how you will evaluate and include the latest technologies, from software to security. However, some companies overlook their technology as a means to foster long-term growth and security. Having the right information technology (IT) support in Spring, Texas, can help you ensure that your company is moving forward safely and efficiently.

Overlooking technology needs may mean that your company lags behind the competition. But, great Spring, TX IT support will help you plan ahead to meet your technology needs.

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Startling Statistics About Small Business and Technology

IT Support

According to a report from a Detroit IT consulting company, just 27% of small businesses have ongoing IT support. While technology has allowed small companies to compete with larger firms, having a team of experts to back you up will help small businesses take full advantage of the technological tools available to them.

Making the Switch

Of those surveyed, most small business owners reported that they were expecting to increase their technology budgets in the next year. In fact, 53% of employees said that they could see themselves working from a tablet in the next year. With the increase of employees working from home and a sharp rise in the desire for flexibility because of COVID-19, small business owners are expected to put even more time and effort into increasing accessibility to encourage remote work.

Increasing Efficiencies

Having the right software and hardware is a big deal for small businesses—the Small Business and Entrepreneur Council reports that small businesses will save 725 million hours each year by using mobile apps. Having the right tools for your team will increase efficiency and productivity and decrease overall downtime.

IT Support In Spring TX

5 Reasons Small Businesses Need IT Support in Spring, TX

Many small business owners make the mistake of assuming that technology is a burden that needs to be addressed. Instead, you should think of it as a way to empower your company and launch it into its true growth potential, if that is your goal.

An experienced IT team will be able to not only help you troubleshoot, but they will also help you set up your company to take full advantage of the right technology for your industry. Below are just a few ways that an experienced IT support team in Spring, TX can help your small business.

1. Increased Security

Perhaps one of the most important roles that IT support in Spring, Texas, plays is its ability to increase your overall cybersecurity efforts. Businesses are increasingly dependent on technology to store and protect valuable client and internal data. If there is a breach, a small business’s reputation may be too damaged to ever be fully repaired.

Having an IT support team will help you increase your overall security levels. It will help your team stay up to date on the latest protections against viruses, malware, and hackers. Small businesses are often a target for hackers because they lack the full range of cybersecurity tools that a larger company may use.

Handing off this responsibility to someone with extensive experience and knowledge will help you gain peace of mind.

2. Tailored Services

Your business has unique technology needs. When you work with an IT support team in Spring, TX, you can get precisely the services you need—no more, no less.

At ChaceTech, for example, we work with companies to develop a service plan based on what they need. We offer managed IT services, targeted cybersecurity services, and desktop support, just to name a few. We customize the services you receive so that your company’s needs are entirely met.

3. Increased Productivity, Communication, and Efficiencies

Using the right technology will help your team be more productive than ever, but it can be difficult to recognize what type of software or app will be the “right” fit for your needs. When you work with a Spring IT support team on a regular basis, we will get to know our business so we can make knowledgeable recommendations based on your needs.

Ensuring that you are keeping up with the latest technology will help you remain competitive or even “cutting edge” in your industry. A dedicated IT team can help with that—and we can work with you to create an effective long-term plan that will maintain efficiencies for years to come.

4. Decreased Downtime

Depending on your industry, downtime can be very, very expensive. In manufacturing, for example, the average cost of an hour of downtime is $260,000. Technology downtime, on the whole, will cost companies $1.55 million every year.

While it may not be possible to prevent every malfunction, having an IT support team in Spring, TX work with you on a regular basis can decrease downtime in two major ways:

  • Help spot and address problems before they cause downtime
  • Address downtime immediately so that you are back up and running as soon as possible

Companies lose money when their team can’t work—preventing that downtime as much as possible will help you avoid those unnecessary costs and delays.

5. Refocus on What You Do Best

Having someone else take care of your IT needs will allow you to get back to work doing what you do best. It will also save you the significant time and effort it would require to keep up with technology changes and trends.

When you have someone else doing that work for you, it puts your mind at ease, knowing that these are issues that are covered—and covered well.

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